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The Story Behind

Together 19 is truly different, representing community, shared values and opportunity regardless of background, class, ethnicity or religion.

During these unprecedented times of economic instability and social tension brought on primarily by the Coronavirus pandemic, humanity’s sense of community and togetherness is in danger of being lost.

Our mission is to feed London together by collectively pooling our resources, knowledge and skills to bring back positive vibes.

Now is the time to really support each other and take a new approach to create new opportunities for enterprise and employment.

At the core of Together-19 our values of integrity, optimism and courage drives everything we do. These values fuel our desire to make a difference to the communities we serve. They also are the driving force behind our determination to make a difference in the lives of those behind struggling SME’s severely impacted by this global pandemic.

By creating and maintaining the infrastructure and platform to support hard-working foodpreneurs survive and thrive during these times, together we will get the streets of London buzzing again and we will put a smile back on peoples faces through good food.

We Are A Big Team

With more than 2000 professional food service team members, registered dieticians, marketing and content creators, executive chefs, we have proudly served 800+ markets worldwide. Becoming part of the Together19 family, either by investing, becoming a partner or in an entry-level hourly or management paid position, your experience will be different than working with other retail or foodservice companies. Working at Together-19 means, linking arms with others who believe in the power of the community. Together, we’re touching lives and transforming the entire community experience.

We believe our people are our greatest asset and deserve the care and support needed during these uncertain times. We help you make your health a priority by offering a wide range of comprehensive options, tools, and resources that help you live your best life, grow personally and professionally and get rewarded for the results you deliver.

We work with one of the biggest food truck suppliers in the world

We Have The Infrastructure

to help get London buzzing again

Supporting food truck traders and small businesses in and around London

Charities We Support

Our philanthropy is dedicated to building connections through engagement in the communities we trade in. Through the Together19 foundation, giving is strategically prioritized into three focus areas: Youth, Health and origins.


There is nothing more important than investing in our future generation. We supporting programs and projects that impact their day to day lives. We want to provide positive opportunities in the areas of health, education and social development.


The overall health of our communities is of paramount importance. We support programs, projects and outlets that provide opportunities for exercise, mental health, research, family support services and emergency needs.


The company is deeply connected to the origin countries where our local communities are from.

The overall quality of life of those growing, working and living around us is extremely important to us. We will invest in programs supporting education, health , family stabilization and the community’s overall well-being.